Below are some of the best reviews. Romance, coffee, football. It is all there, waiting for you. Some tell a story and some are the story. Read them aloud to someone you love. Sip a glass of wine and smile.

84, Charing Cross Road - Friendship with Depth and Love

Alliance Brites Rubber Bands - Not For Use In Rubber Band Shooting Competitions

Aozita Espresso Cups and Saucers with Espresso Spoons - Serve Espresso to a Girl Walking By

Babette's Feast - About Grace, Glory and Goodness

Dixie PerfectTouch Cups - Love Left With an Empty Cup

Griffin and Sabine - Delicious and Mysterious Romance

Mead Composition Book - A Tale of Romance and Woe, Dreams and Castles

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges - Absorbs Wine and Protects Your Heart

Slim Fast - Sublime

The 99 Most Essential Chopin Masterpieces - Chopin's Solo Piano Reminds Me of Romance

TIMEX Easy Reader Watch - World Enough, and Time

Werther's Original Caramel Chocolates, Milk Chocolate - Another, another! Faux Gold Flowers Found in Bag of Restoration

Wooden Coffee Stirrers - Morning Has Broken, But It Can Be Stirred Into Gladness

Ziploc Brand NFL Green Bay Packers Slider - Great for Smelly Car Trash

Ziploc Freezer Bags, Quart - Protects Filet Mignons and My Heart