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In 2019, I wrote a few commercials for Ziploc that received millions of views and were well-received by the advertising community.

The Ziploc® brand ads are out. I bring to the table what every Chicago Bear fan is thinking. Yes, I’ve gone Hollywood. I’ve learned a lot about the process since then, so if you like these, drop me a line. And to you Packers’ fans… you know where to save your cat food.

That’s Chicago actor Matthew Lusk playing yours truly. He did a great job, so find his agent and work him into your next movie.

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(My non-Ziploc videos are here.)

Brockeim, Amazon Power Reviewer, reviews the freshest bags available on Amazon. Ziploc® brand NFL Licensed bags keep the smell of lutefisk from invading his Bear Cave. These bags are really good at keeping stuff in but they also keep the water out so the confetti stays dry to celebrate a Bears’ win.

Brockeim, Amazon Power Reviewer, shares his thoughts on his favorite Ziploc® brand product and another NFC North team. Brockeim explores the protective power of a Ziploc® brand NFL Licensed Chicago Bears bags while also seeing what a Ziploc® brand NFL Licensed Detroit Lions bags is good for storing.

Brockeim, Amazon Power Reviewer, reluctantly reviews the Ziploc® brand NFL Licensed Green Bay Packers bags from his Bear Cave. In this review, the bags are tested for storing used sunflower seeds. Smash that like button and Go Bears!

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Disclaimer, Fine Print, and All That: I believe in ethical reviewing. That is, my opinions are my own. This is a commercial based on one of my actual reviews. I wrote that without the manufacturer’s knowledge. They liked it and we worked out the rest. It was adapted to accommodate the context and rules regarding marketing and fun, legal and otherwise. Please see my FAQ for more.

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