If you have a question, ask me. Because of the constant flow of interest, matched with my ambivalence, I might not reply. Hopefully, this FAQ helps.

Looking for the privacy policy? Got you covered.

What’s Your Reviewing Relationship to Amazon.com?

Amazon does not pay me to review, nor have they paid me for a review. They have not tried. Things you see reviewed I’ve either encountered, owned, or borrowed.

I also receive products via their Vine program. I am responsible for tax implications.

Can I Hire You to Review on Amazon.com?

No. Absolutely not. I send all such requests to spam.

Can I Hire You to Write Other Things Not on Amazon.com?

Maybe. Click on Services to get some ideas.

What About the Ziploc® Brand Ad Series?

The Ziploc® brand ad series is based on a real review that was written through Amazon.com’s Vine program. I was supplied the product per my choice (I see a list of things and choose what I like). I might have trashed the product (that happens but I rarely post them here), loved it, or something in between. I loved it, found a fun use for it… I really keep one in my car… and posted my review. The Ziploc® brand marketing team loved it, contacted me, and we went from there. I say this explicitly because I believe in ethical reviewing. The order of things matters.

How Does Brockeim.com Make Money?

I get hired to do special creative projects for companies. I’m selective so if you are interested, be interesting. See the Ziploc® brand ad series as one example.

The site itself makes money from Google ads and Amazon affiliate links.

Can My Company Advertise on Brockeim.com?

Probably so long as it fits the vibe of the site and my own perspective. I’m willing to barter so if you have cool stuff, I’ll listen. 

Favorite Coffee?

I get asked this often. Details here, but I mostly drink espresso with beans I find at local roasters because I want those beans as fresh as can be. I change both up to keep things lively. I lean slightly dark of medium as roast goes.

Fan Club?

Do people still do those?  I love hearing from readers. Contact me and swoon accordingly.

Some of the links on Brockeim.com are affiliate links from which I receive a small commission from sales of certain items. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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