Honey Maid Fresh Stacks Graham Crackers – The Same Crackers Found in Campfire S’Mores

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Lingering evenings by campfires, sitting on old stumps, fumbling through the delicious art of s’more making always involves Honey Maid honey grahams. These are those crackers.

Unlike their classic brethren, these are batched in six packs of eight crackers. Otherwise, they are the same. Future campfires can include passing out a pack to each person (I dare not say child, knowing adults love them as well).

The recipe is simple:
* Two crackers make a sandwich around a piece of milk chocolate and a marshmallow.
* Hold tightly together (but not too tight) over a fire with tongs.
* When the chocolate and marshmallow melt just enough to be squishy, eat.
* Wash down with hot chocolate.

Eight crackers are also just enough for a snack, as I am having now, accompanied by orange juice.

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