Chocolate Covered Caramels – Another, another! Faux Gold Flowers Found in Bag of Restoration

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Werther’s… The long day ending a long week stood no chance as I reached into the plastic-metallic bag. Spiraled ripples hidden beneath the tightly wrapped faux gold foil waited for me.

Stripped quickly of its modesty, the chocolate caramel scent flooded my car as I drove home. The edge of the workday diminished.

Another, another! A frenzy of unwrapping excited me, each delivering another headful of milky flavor. Crumpled aluminum balls lay upon the driver’s seat like shining yellow flowers on the upholstery. Soon, a garden of foil bloomed within my vehicle, and pleasure invaded my heart.

This day was restored, thanks to a bag of Werther’s Original. Restore yours with a bag today.

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Note: I don’t think they use gold foil any longer.

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