romanceRead through reviews and catch the trials and delights as Brockeim tells his tales of love and love lost. Romance at its core.

Whether it is meeting a girl on a train, waiting for a girl who never arrives, or of first puppy love while sitting in early grade school, there’s probably something familiar to anyone everywhere who has ever fallen in love (or wanted to).

Who Is Nancy?

“She is a combination of girls I knew growing up and as an adult. My first friend, my first crush and my first love. She is every girl I tried to impress, and every girl who smiled my way.”

Things might get confusing for readers following their romance, as it seems on again/off again as her merges his romantic adventures under one character.

He’ll take you to the time when Nancy first took Brockeim’s eye on the playground when they first were learning to ride bikes, through his adult years when discovering how to clean nasty smells in the sink.

With a delightful childhood filled with friends, and now, a modern life of leisure drinking coffee, he thinks often of those golden years in early grade school, when life was simple, and smiles were common.