Griffin and Sabine – Delicious and Mysterious Romance

Griffin and Sabine – Delicious and Mysterious Romance

Lovers love, and whatever distance or mystery is tossed between them, they still will love. In “Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence” by Nick Bantock, we begin an intimate journey between two lovers destined to be enraptured in all that is dreamt of. They catapult the divide of geography and join mid-mail in a postal embrace, captured by Bantock in a sweet and phenomenal book.

Griffin is a postcard artist in England and Sabine is a stamp designer for a small Pacific island. Each is perceived as sublimely exotic to the other as they reveal the secrets of their lives through correspondence.

What is the romance of Griffin & Sabine? Besides being an ‘extraordinary correspondence,’ it is about two lovers who connect through the artistic passions they share. Like the romances that now happen through the internet, or the Victorian era correspondences, there is an innocence and delicacy to their exchanges of mail.

This is the romance which never happened in 84 Charing Cross Road. This is what the romance should’ve been in You’ve Got Mail. This is what Cyrano de Bergerac could’ve been if not a tragedy.

Bantock dangles a sensuous, sumptuous step into the hearts of a fantasy based in a reality that the reader will smile, wondering if the writer knew someone like Sabine, if she has been created like Pygmalion (Penguin Classics) sculpted Galatea.

Begin with “Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence” and follow their story through subsequent tales in other books.

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