TIMEX Easy Reader Watch – World Enough, and Time

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A classic style, with classic lines and curves, and leather to band it all underside enlivens time as if it were the first sun rising. Timex brings in this watch what time once was: a simple and pure marking of moment to moment.

This watch has no internet connection. It has no date feature. Triathlons and moontrips are not recommended while wearing this watch. But this watch, in giving you time, will bring you the world.

Wear this watch with your best suit, with a sharp white shirt and, if the weather is chilly, wear a plain plaid wool scarf. With a silver-hued frame and rich black leather strap, you will notice heads turning, wishing they wore this fundamental accessory. Traditional ensembles are timeless, and will lift you above the less dapper, less dashing dancers at the dinner ball.

When she sees you, that love of your life yet unmet, know what time it is. She’ll want to know, and you will be prepared. As you provide the time, she’ll provide her name. Always know the time, and you’ll always know her name. Forget the time, and she may leave without notice.

Take her hand with your right hand. Your watch is worn on the left. The Easy Reader model has large digits, and only takes a glance to know how long you have for the ferry, for the sunset, and for the moon to rise. Your love will grow without hurry.

If things get late, have no worry. Indiglo lighting will illuminate the face with a swift press of the button.

If, by owning and wearing an Easy Reader Timex watch, you are able to share with her your time, know that when tomorrow comes, she’ll give you the time of day.

Love her madly. Love her sadly.