Aozita Espresso Cups and Saucers with Espresso Spoons – Serve Espresso to a Girl Walking By

Aozita Espresso Cups and Saucers with Espresso Spoons on Amazon

On a dusky, dreary morning, I looked outward, and hoped I’d see her walking by. She always walked by. Whatever weather, whatever day, she walked by. Always at 7:34 am. Never earlier. Never later. Her punctuality, I must admit, amused me as much as it made me curious.

She wore no headset and did not chat on a phone. She walked. But in walking, she lifted whatever shadow sunk upon my day. Sunlight walked with her.

Once, she tied her shoe in front my home. Once, she looked at my mailbox. Once, she paused for no reason I could see but plenty I could imagine.

I noticed all of that.

And this day, I thought of her before her time of arrival. Coffee, I thought. Espresso. If I made her that, she’d pause a little longer and tell me her name.

So espresso I made. I waited with it in the cup you see here. A delightful Ethiopian bean I used. Today, though, she did not pass. I waited until the crema left the cup, as it faded, corresponding with my hope.

These cups are wonderfully simple, the kind you’d serve to a girl walking by on a street where you live. You see what mine looks like. There are three more just like it. When she doesn’t show, drink the espresso, and maybe your spirits will be lifted.

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