Ziploc Brand NFL Green Bay Packers Slider – Great for Smelly Car Trash

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I’m a Chicago Bears fan. Let’s make that clear. Da Coach. Sweetness. Da Fridge. Jimmy McMahon. 1985. And if yuze go way back, you gots Bronko Nagurski. Yuze all know what I mean. Sure, they don’t win every game, but all I can say is, “Go Bears!”

What Are They Good For?

I keep these handy Green Bay Packers Ziplocs in my car. I fill them with trash. Orange peels. Used Kleenex. Stinky, gross stuff. I zip them tight and the stink stays in. Then, when I toss them out, that green and yellow logo shines bright in the garbage, right where it belongs.

I get that if you count up their record against each other, GB is ahead 96–94–6 through November 12, 2017 (their last meeting as of this writing). That’s practically a tie, but OK. Today, it is GB. Remember, we had the class of Walter “Sweetness” Payton, and they had Charles “Too Mean” Martin.

If you are a Packers fan and want to keep your delicates stored in these bags, fine. They’ll keep your rose petals, marshmallows, and cat treats as long as can be.

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