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Brockeim is a character actor in the context of the written word.

This means my writing is written in character. The play, so to speak, may be three paragraphs, but the entire story is there. There is no other writer doing what Brockeim does.

Write Stuff

You see what I do. Hire me to do it for you. Let’s make something unique. My writing services are open to our mutual imagination.

  • Vignettes
  • Commercials
  • Characters


Fix Your Writing

Is your writing broken? Let me fix it. I’ll add fun and beauty and voice.



I don’t have a third service. I do what I do. I do it better than the rest. If I can do it for you, let’s connect.

Contact Me

This is the place where I remind you to contact me. So, on you go.

Contact Me

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