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I’m a reviewer and positive satirist looking at the art form of reviewing. I ask what else a product can be. Ordinary household goods become agents of romance (rated G & PG), or fix daily troubles. Then, there are my non sequiturs.

Reviews can either be straight-ahead, or experiential. Just as much as we use a product for its usefulness, we also experience it. It becomes part of our story. This is where Brockeim starts.

With a colorful childhood filled with friends, and now, a modern life of leisure drinking coffee, I think often of those golden years in early grade school, when life was simple, and smiles were common.

But I’m also from Chicago. Tough as nails, sweet as sugar.

In these reviews, you will read the tales of younger years, when Nancy first took my eye on the playground when we first were learning to ride bikes.

Discover the sensual enticement of Slim Fast, of Jiffy Pop and of chocolate chip cookies.

And find out which teams play tough and which… don’t.

My teams are the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, and Chicago White Sox. That means any team not listed is not worth tipping his hat to. Don’t see the Chicago Cubs? No, you don’t. Next?

Imagine the greater uses of ordinary household products, and how they have helped me through the years get out of complicated romance problems. All are drawn from real life… slightly adjusted.

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Go get a cup of coffee. Drink up. Tune in the jazz station. Listen up. Read my blog. Cheer up.

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No needs right now. Maybe in the future.

I am interested in discussing projects with you, however. Commercials, song lyrics, cartoon captions. 

Note: No Amazon reviews for hire.


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