White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray – A Scent That Begins Romance – 

Before I saw her, I wondered, and before we exchanged glances, I smiled. Her scent was familiar, classic, alluring yet set apart. Syncopated between the brusk but pleasant notes of espresso in a favorite cafe, I found her engaging me with the gentle warmth of White Diamonds.

Turning from my table, I saw her equal to my imagination. She too turned, and we shared a glance, then conversation. The poetry I had been reading paled as I learned her name, and her voice.

What more could I want from a perfume that embodies the modern and the sophisticated beauty of Elizabeth Taylor?

May your visits to cafes be as serendipitously delicious as mine. Begin by wearing White Diamonds, and be ready to say hello when a man reading Keats turns to greet you.