New Brockeim Ziploc® Brand Video (Go Bears!)

Did you see the  Ziploc® brand Green Bay Packers bag ad yet? Hundreds of thousands of people have. Join them. Be part of the in-crowd (do people say that anymore?). Be hip. No, no, that’s not it. Be cool? Rad? I don’t know. I do know you’ll have a fun laugh.

While you are doing yourself that favor, see the newest video involving the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions.

Brockeim’s Ziploc® Brand Videos

Why is it so big? Because I don’t want you to miss it.

Hey, and while you are around, could you grab some sunflower seeds for me?

Go Bears!

Then, after you’ve picked up some gifts for your friends (those bags make great stocking stuffers), see my other reviews. As Monty Python was oft to say, “and now for something completely…” Brockeim Reviews.

Am I An Entertainer?

Am I An Entertainer?

Driving a long ways a few summers back, I borrowed a very overdue CD from the library. It was a collection of Billy Joel’s greatest hits, and included The Entertainer. Joel reconciles his job is not as a poet or anything noble. He is an entertainer. While he may be sardonically pointing at the corruption of his industry, the reality remains.

On one hand, I review, and I write. I take both roles seriously. How serious? If you have glimpsed at more than one page of my blog, or at my website, you know I sing and dance. I don’t write dour, thoughtful pieces. I write about humor, romance and childhood crushes. Or I muse about coffee.

No one reading will say, “There goes the American Tolstoy.” My goals are not about depth or breadth. They are about love and laughter. I work hard to achieve that.

I want traffic to my sites, advertising clicked on, and things purchased through I love to write, but I also love to eat, pay my bills, and drink very expensive coffee.

When I write, I am mindful of you. All of you? Each of you? I have an image in my mind who my audience is, though I keep finding out I am wrong. And, sometimes people tell me what they think I am like, how they envision me. That’s fun too.

Christmas is coming, and I secretly hope the world’s customer will first click on a link on my blog before they buy. To do this, I need to entertain you.

I write to entertain. I love to hear someone smiled or thought wistfully of their own first love. I enjoy knowing I made you giggle, or go to Facebook to look up that sweetie from fifth grade. But I am not writing in a vacuum. I, like Joel, know an audience is fickle.

Some writers nail down the perfect piece for eternity, like Mark Twain or James Thurber. They are still loved. Those guys are a special breed though, and we work-a-day writers respect their great talent with dreams of emulating them. Popularity fades for most us. Magazines and books have quoted me, and yet, tomorrow, it all starts again. It is hard work.

Tomorrow starts today. The obvious paradox requires to imagine what will be interesting next year. This post will still be up. Will anyone read it once it is buried in the caverns of my archive? Ask me in 2019. Better yet, respond to this post.

It is worth it. I do make a few dollars, and, I love doing it despite how few they are. Even if no one reads my work, would I still do it? Probably not. I did this, though, when I made no money…

Billy Joel-The Entertainer
I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand
Another serenader and another long haired band
Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts,
But I know the game, you’ll forget my name,
And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

(first verse: see Billy Joel’s website for the rest)

Let me write something entertaining for you: Services

Circuses, Waiting, Saltire


  1. The word ‘circus’ has six letters, two of which are vowels. The two ‘c’s are pronounced differently.
  2. If we waited until we understood everything, it would take longer to do get things done.
  3. The Saltire, the flag of Scotland, is the oldest national flag in use. It remembers Christian martyr St. Andrew.

More bits, each is nonsense.

I like the tiger picture. That’s why it is there.

The Many Voices of Brockeim

How Many Voices?


As over 150,000 people have viewed my first Ziploc® brand commercial (Instagram, Facebook and beyond). Not bad for three days. And so, many of my fans more familiar with my romantic and sentimental writing have wondered how I sound more like a guy dissing the Green Packers (tongue-in-cheek, so you know)?

The world of Brockeim… Brockeimia… is global. I grew up on the southside of Chicago but I’ve travelled the world. I’ve not been everywhere but I have read more than I’ve seen. It adds up.

I look like a thousand people. I am invisible in a crowd in which I am the center of attention. Those people convinced they are looking right at me haven’t seen me at all.

Those who need a voice, I can offer it. If you have a character, I can mimic it. If you need one, I can create one.

Contact me. Or, look here for more.

I Am Not Christo


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I realize that Christo and his recently late wife, Jeanne-Claude, and I have something in common. We both want to show people something new in the ordinary. My reviews are, mostly all, about that. Ordinary products, ordinary words. I avoid review-speak, and try to take a different angle at items which are well-trod in our lives.

Christo was not known as a painter nor sculptor using techniques used by everyone from the masters to the plebeians. His originally was more so than Jackson Pollock, who merely attacked an ordinary media with an ordinary paint, but with an extraordinary approach.

Christo, instead, rethought the entire process. My writing cannot be anything like this since, to communicate, I must use a known vocabulary and sentence structures familiar to most readers.

In my case, I want to show what already exists, or could exist, in the ordinary. In Christo’s artistic view, he looks to discover what has never been within the the ordinary.

Christo, though, I am not. He does things like wrap islands in plastic. He needs a crew to get his work done, and does not control the final look. He cannot. He only can imagine a vision and plan for its execution. He revels in the unique largeness of what he does, and that is part of his fame. Rather than the art itself, the pretense is in its news-worthiness. Instead of pure art, he creates a spectacle.

My writing needs to be understood to work. Christo’s art does not. In fact, he needs mystery. I need wonder.

There’s a difference.

See his work and think.

Let me help you be extraordinary.

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It is a brave new world, social media is. It isn’t so new, but here we are, doing relationships using pictures. Is this what the cave dwellers were doing in the Lascaux Cave? At any rate, Instagram, I’m here. Yeah, I hear an echo. Must be a cave.

Reduce that echo for me by following me there. Seriously, I’m desperate for followers.

Expect photos of great coffee, love in action, or complete nonsense. Expect reviews looking at childhood romance… puppy love if you will. First crushes and getting crushed. And then, tales from the trenches, of love and love love lost.

Expect too, the spammers to shuffle their sickness as they follow hoping to be followed.

And expect good things, aside from whatever is going on in the world. A little something to brighten a small, small corner of who knows where, whether you are catching up with what I’ve doing the last 15 years or so.

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