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Seeing Beauty; Seeing Hope

I have been told I see things always brightly, that I see the beauty in everything. If you read my tales, almost all are filled with bliss and hope. Even the saddest ones are bereft of cynicism. I think this is true. I am hopeful, even when my day is low.

I have known difficult days, but what I see… what I wish you and everyone could see, is not just the light shining at the end of the tunnel, but how wonderful the tunnel is.

I wish the world was this way. Around us all are people who like to point out the bad news. Nihilism’s populist messengers are in abundance. Political discussion is often about how awful so-and-so is. Complaints about friends and employers are found more easily than rainy days after a car wash. Woe is me. We’ll never make it. We’re doomed.

We cheer for the failure of our enemy more than for the success of our hero. 

Spray your life free of this.

My writing is mostly about observation. Every sense squints to know what’s in front, whether a color, a sound, a scent, a texture or a taste. The bigness or smallness of any of it, or how they combine. The beauty is always there, and doesn’t need dusting off. I try to see it, and try to write it down.

Never ignore true hardship. See the beauty in the lonely, the homeless and those in need. Give them hope, give them a hand.  And point them toward beautiful, hopeful days.

And smile.

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