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Brockeim Power Review Power Show Shortlisted for Clio

Brockeim Power Review Power Show receives a shortlist award from Clio (2019). I’m proud of it, and look forward to the next adventure.

A Clio. Advertisers want to win these. Did I win? No. A shortlist award, as I understand, is like an honorable mention. Pretty impressive when I see the competition is incredible.

Did I (as in me) win? That’s complicated. You’ll see below a list of people who made the commercials happen. I wasn’t alone. In fact, I had the fun part. They did all the difficult production and marketing work. There were others not listed here as well. My role was minimal.

But… whose name is all over the ad? That’s all I’m saying’, knowhatimsayin’?

You can see the Ziploc brand commercials here.

Agency Network BBDO

Entrant Company Energy BBDO

Marketing Company United Entertainment Group (UEG)

Media Agency PHD

Production Company (additional) Flare

Chief Creative Officer Andrés Ordóñez

Executive Creative Director Vince Cook

Creative Director Meg Farquhar

Executive Producer Matt Scoville

Producer Sarah James

Client Service Director Kevin Bogusz

Account Supervisor Sam Padilla

Executive Creative Director Michael Nuzzo

Rights & Partnership Morgan Lathrop

Client Management Tim Shaw

Client Management Coordinator Sara Yocum

Associate Director Jess Rosul

Supervisor Luke Fowler

Director Rob Cohen

Executive Producer Mitch Monzon

Editor Casey Cobler

Sound Engineer Katy Mindeman

Producer Jenny McDonald

Clio Awards
The Clio Awards is the premier international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today honors the work and talent that pushes boundaries, permeates pop culture and establishes a new precedent around the globe.

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