It is a brave new world, social media is. It isn’t so new, but here we are, doing relationships using pictures. Is this what the cave dwellers were doing in the Lascaux Cave? At any rate, Instagram, I’m here. Yeah, I hear an echo. Must be a cave.

Reduce that echo for me by following me there. Seriously, I’m desperate for followers. I might even post more often if you do.

Expect photos of great coffee, love in action, or complete nonsense. Expect reviews looking at childhood romance… puppy love if you will. First crushes and getting crushed. And then, tales from the trenches, of love and love love lost.

Expect too, the spammers to shuffle their sickness as they follow hoping to be followed.

And expect good things, aside from whatever is going on in the world. A little something to brighten a small, small corner of who knows where, whether you are catching up with what I’ve doing the last 15 years or so.

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