Wallace Napoleon Bee Stainless Steel Serving Spoon – For Football Chili and Beyond

The pregame show was on. The Bears against the Packers. Thick chili wore a gentle sheen born with simmering eight hours in a stone pot. Brown with reddish undertones, the rich beans and beef and onions, and spices found in a secret part of the cabinet all combined in a melded symphony.

When game time came, and halftime hit, the chili required relief from its pot. Six men needed bowls filled. A tablespoon would be too slow. A large stainless steel serving spoon rested on the counter, ready for duty.

No one saw the quiet silver patina, or the gently ornate handle. The motion was effective, fast, and unnoticed, as it should be. The elegant understated style meant nothing, as the tool served its function. Instead, the spoon scooped and bowled the chili before the second commercial began. And six men ate their fill, and then ate some more.

A swift rinse, and the stainless steel serving spoon was delivered into the dishwasher.

May your chili always scoop quickly into your bowl.

Go Bears!