The Many Voices of Brockeim

How Many Voices?


As over 150,000 people have viewed my first ZiplocĀ® brand commercial (Instagram, Facebook and beyond). Not bad for three days. And so, many of my fans more familiar with my romantic and sentimental writing have wondered how I sound more like a guy dissing the Green Packers (tongue-in-cheek, so you know)?

The world of Brockeim… Brockeimia… is global. I grew up on the southside of Chicago but I’ve travelled the world. I’ve not been everywhere but I have read more than I’ve seen. It adds up.

I look like a thousand people. I am invisible in a crowd in which I am the center of attention. Those people convinced they are looking right at me haven’t seen me at all.

Those who need a voice, I can offer it. If you have a character, I can mimic it. If you need one, I can create one.

Contact me. Or, look here for more.