Rosanna Tortoise Napoleon Espresso Spoons – Stirs Sugar Into Espresso With Long-Lasting Hope

Rosanna Tortoise Napoleon Espresso Spoons, Set of 4 – Stirs Sugar Into Espresso With Long-Lasting Hope

It’s just a spoon. If that is all you need, this is exactly that. A spoon. Sleek, yes. Perfect for a quick stirring of sugar in my morning espresso. Yes. Durable, never rusting stainless steel… yes. That too. It is as adequate of an espresso spoon as can be found. Artful, yet utilitarian. Light, regular cleaning is all it needs. I use it every morning, day after day.

They won’t last forever, but few things do. At least, the spoons are replaceable.

I took two sugars, and Nancy took one, but we stirred them just the same. We hoped we would swirl our drink for years to come, but the spoons endured longer than we did.

There were four spoons. I have two. She has the other two. I only now need one. It is not just a spoon.

May your espresso be sweeter when using these Tortoise Espresso Spoons.

Who is Nancy? More coffee?Ā