Minnesota Vikings Food Meets Brockeim (New Ziploc® Video)

See the newest Brockeim Ziploc® brand video and find out how Minnesota Vikings fans can help themselves to a better smelling home.

Minnesota Vikings fans celebrate Christmas through Julebord. Basically, that’s a huge multi-day feast. It’s got an interesting history with trolls and other mythical creatures. Check it out.

A traditional dish is lutefisk. Any among you who are Scandinavian know about this. The rest of you, unless you are hardcore foodies, may not know.

Lutefisk aren’t pretty and they don’t smell nice. We in Chicago don’t really know what they are. However, in Minnesota, they are all the rage. What can you do with these stinky bits? Go ahead, eat that stuff, but save it smartly.

By the way, Julebord also involves pork ribs, which I can totally get on board with (see that wordplay?). They call it svineribbe (swine rib).

Go Bears!

Learn about who eats lutefisk.

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