I Am Not a Hashtag (A Proclamation)


Am I a Hashtag?

Rumors have begun about a hashtag being attached to Brockeim. Those rumors are building.

There is a buzz here in the second city. Emails are asking. The cafes are wondering. The drunks want to know. The bookworms are piqued. From Bourbonnais, to Lake Forest, to Soldier Field. Curiosity is streaming from every corner.

Rumors are everywhere. I’ve started a few.

Some aren’t untrue. But today…

I am not a #hashtag.
I am not an ellipsis…
I am not an exclamation!
(I am not a parenthesis.)
I am not, cannot be, a comma.
I am not so many things.
I am Brockeim.

Watch this space in two weeks. In the meanwhile, dance with me or hang with me.

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