Personal Branding Needs More Personality, More Truth

Personal branding needs more personality, and with that, more authenticity. I’ve been exploring many social media influencers lately, and I’m disappointed. So many of them are cute 20-somethings or upscale moms. The same smiles. The same figures. The same personality. Did they fit the mold or did the mold fit them? I don’t know. 

There’s a complex ethic involved with this, beyond the sameness. This isn’t comprehensively true, but my point is to emphasize that character development is important, and that the character need to be authentic. This is distinguished from characters in commercials who are more like actors in a play.

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Brockeim Power Review Power Show Shortlisted for Clio

Clio Awards logo

Brockeim Power Review Power Show receives a shortlist award from Clio. I’m proud of it, and look forward to the next adventure.

A Clio. Advertisers want to win these. Did I win? No. A shortlist award, as I understand, is like an honorable mention. Pretty impressive when I see the competition is incredible.

Did I (as in me) win? That’s complicated. You’ll see below a list of people who made the commercials happen. I wasn’t alone. In fact, I had the fun part. They did all the difficult production and marketing work. There were others not listed here as well.

But… whose name is all over the ad? That’s all I’m saying’, knowhatimsayin’?

You can see the Ziploc brand commercials here.

Agency Network              BBDO

Entrant Company           Energy BBDO

Marketing Company      United Entertainment Group (UEG)

Media Agency   PHD

Production Company (additional)            Flare

Chief Creative Officer     Andrés Ordóñez

Executive Creative Director         Vince Cook

Creative Director             Meg Farquhar

Executive Producer         Matt Scoville

Producer            Sarah James

Client Service Director   Kevin Bogusz

Account Supervisor        Sam Padilla

Executive Creative Director         Michael Nuzzo

Rights & Partnership      Morgan Lathrop

Client Management       Tim Shaw

Client Management Coordinator             Sara Yocum

Associate Director          Jess Rosul

Supervisor         Luke Fowler

Director              Rob Cohen

Executive Producer         Mitch Monzon

Editor   Casey Cobler

Sound Engineer Katy Mindeman

Producer            Jenny McDonald

Clio Awards
The Clio Awards is the premier international awards competition for the creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today honors the work and talent that pushes boundaries, permeates pop culture and establishes a new precedent around the globe.

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Minnesota Vikings Food Meets Brockeim (New Ziploc® Video)

See the newest Brockeim Ziploc® brand video and find out how Minnesota Vikings fans can help themselves to a better smelling home.

Minnesota Vikings fans celebrate Christmas through Julebord. Basically, that’s a huge multi-day feast. It’s got an interesting history with trolls and other mythical creatures. Check it out.

A traditional dish is lutefisk. Any among you who are Scandinavian know about this. The rest of you, unless you are hardcore foodies, may not know.

Lutefisk aren’t pretty and they don’t smell nice. We in Chicago don’t really know what they are. However, in Minnesota, they are all the rage. What can you do with these stinky bits? Go ahead, eat that stuff, but save it smartly.

By the way, Julebord also involves pork ribs, which I can totally get on board with (see that wordplay?). They call it svineribbe (swine rib).

Go Bears!

Learn about who eats lutefisk.

If you love food, take a look at Babette’s Feast – About Grace, Glory and Goodness

Want to smell pretty? White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray – A Scent That Begins Romance

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

It is never cliche to wish anyone a Merry Christmas.

While this is not a religious blog, please allow me to indulge in saying this day reminds me that the God I believe was born humble, in uncertain circumstances, to later die for unworthy people. I am one of those unworthy.

I am Brockeim, but Jesus is Lord.

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Back even further.

New Brockeim Ziploc® Brand Video (Go Bears!)

Did you see the  Ziploc® brand Green Bay Packers bag ad yet? Hundreds of thousands of people have. Join them. Be part of the in-crowd (do people say that anymore?). Be hip. No, no, that’s not it. Be cool? Rad? I don’t know. I do know you’ll have a fun laugh.

While you are doing yourself that favor, see the newest video involving the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions.

Brockeim’s Ziploc® Brand Videos

Why is it so big? Because I don’t want you to miss it.

Hey, and while you are around, could you grab some sunflower seeds for me?

Go Bears!

Then, after you’ve picked up some gifts for your friends (those bags make great stocking stuffers), see my other reviews. As Monty Python was oft to say, “and now for something completely…” Brockeim Reviews.

The Many Voices of Brockeim

How Many Voices?


As over 150,000 people have viewed my first Ziploc® brand commercial (Instagram, Facebook and beyond). Not bad for three days. And so, many of my fans more familiar with my romantic and sentimental writing have wondered how I sound more like a guy dissing the Green Packers (tongue-in-cheek, so you know)?

The world of Brockeim… Brockeimia… is global. I grew up on the southside of Chicago but I’ve travelled the world. I’ve not been everywhere but I have read more than I’ve seen. It adds up.

I look like a thousand people. I am invisible in a crowd in which I am the center of attention. Those people convinced they are looking right at me haven’t seen me at all.

Those who need a voice, I can offer it. If you have a character, I can mimic it. If you need one, I can create one.

Contact me. Or, look here for more.

Brockeim on Instagram

Brockeim is on Instagram

social media

It is a brave new world, social media is. It isn’t so new, but here we are, doing relationships using pictures. Is this what the cave dwellers were doing in the Lascaux Cave? At any rate, Instagram, I’m here. Yeah, I hear an echo. Must be a cave.

Reduce that echo for me by following me there. Seriously, I’m desperate for followers.

Expect photos of great coffee, love in action, or complete nonsense. Expect reviews looking at childhood romance… puppy love if you will. First crushes and getting crushed. And then, tales from the trenches, of love and love love lost.

Expect too, the spammers to shuffle their sickness as they follow hoping to be followed.

And expect good things, aside from whatever is going on in the world. A little something to brighten a small, small corner of who knows where, whether you are catching up with what I’ve doing the last 15 years or so.

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