Addicted to Books

booksI’m a book glutton. Addicted to books, you might say. Are you?

There is no library deep enough to please my innermost’s innermost. One page at a time, I pursue satiation.

The day always ends with reading a book. During the day, I read online. I read for a living, you could say. I would say. I just did. I read for a living. They think they pay me to do other things, but that is what is really going on. Reading. Voraciously. More than you might guess. Triple tasking. Distracted. By articles linked to stories, linked to poems, linked to books online. And back again.

Addicted to books, I am. I love books.

While writing this, I stopped and looked at Amazon. I read reviews. My reviews. Yours. And a few pages. Then I Googled. Anything. Anything showed up, so I read about it.

And the news. President Trump is in trouble. President Obama blames him for pretty much everything. Sears is dying. Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife to marry a woman divorcing her husband. People are talking about the Golden Globes (and movies I didn’t see), which I didn’t see. I was reading.

And Twitter. See World According to Twitter. I’m quoted in there. And Facebook. Someone had something to say. I wanted to know. I had to know. They wrote something. I read it. Now I know.

I read at lunch. I read when no one is looking. I read in plain view, secretly. I have a book stashed in my satchel. Another might be in the pocket of my coat. It could be I am reading while listening to a lecture… about something else.

My eyes do get tired. So I sleep… and dream of reading.

In my dreams, the book is always good.


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